Backhoe rental being used at a farm setting job site

Backhoes and Landscape Tractors

Backhoe Loaders are a cross between an excavator and a wheel loader.  They are generally used for loading with the front bucket (like a small wheel loader) and excavating or digging trenches with the back (like an excavator).  They are a very popular rental machine due to their versatility and because they don’t require a truck/trailer for transport and instead can be driven for short distances to a jobsite (longer distances require a truck/trailer).  Backhoes come standard with a .75yd-1yd front loader bucket and have a max dig depth from 14’-19’ depending upon model and configuration.  Most are equipped with 4-wheel drive.  Many are equipped with auxiliary hydraulics on the boom which allows for the use of hydraulic hammers and compactors.

Landscape tractors are equipped with a bucket on the front and a 3-point hitch on the back.  The 3-point hitch typically is equipped with a box blade that is used for leveling driveways, road surfaces and parking lots.  The front bucket can be used for loading material.  Many landscape tractors are equipped with front quick-hitches which allow the use of a bucket or a set of forks for lift-and-place work.

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