Roller rental / roller compactor rental being used at job site


Ride-on rollers provide compaction solutions for a wide variety applications.  Smooth double-drum rollers are used for asphalt and road projects and also be used for sand/gravel applications.  All are equipped with a hydrostatic drive and use vibration to achieve compaction. They are also equipped with water spray kits to help keep fresh asphalt from sticking to the drums.  Double-drum rollers range in size from 36”-51” in drum-width.  The wider rollers weigh more in order to provide sufficient compaction over a wider footprint.  

Single-drum rollers come in two basic configurations – smooth drum or pad-foot drum.  Smooth single-drum rollers are mostly used for loose, dry aggregates like sand, gravel and Class 5 or on asphalt.  Single drum pad-foot rollers are used for clay and dirt/soil applications and are equipped with scraper to keep wet material from plugging up the drum.  Like double-drum rollers, they are equipped with hydrostatic drives and use vibration generated in the drum to achieve compaction.  Sizes range from 48”-84” wide.  Pad-foot rollers often are also equipped with a knock-down blade. 

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