Case excavator rental being used at job site

Excavators and Mini Excavators Rentals

Titan Rentals offers a full line of excavators (also commonly known as “track-hoes”) and mini excavators for rent for a wide variety of digging and excavating applications.  Mini excavators are a great rental choice for light construction projects including landscaping, electrical and sewer replacement/repairs, stump removal and other tasks that don’t require the reach or lift capacity of a larger excavator.  Mini excavators are rated by weight and range in size from 3,750lbs to 16,000lbs.  They are small enough to load on a trailer that can be pulled behind most ½-ton or larger pickups.  All are equipped with rubber tracks and auxiliary hydraulics which can be used to power a variety of attachments including hydraulic thumbs and hydraulic breakers.   They are very easy to operate and have a maximum digging depth range from 7’-12’ depending upon model.  

Larger excavation projects require a rental excavator with the digging power and depth of a full-size excavator. Titan Rentals carries a complete line of full-size excavators for rent ranging in weight from 19,000lbs to 105,000lbs.  Whether you have a weekend project or a season-long rental, we can supply you with the full size excavator that you need for your job.  We also carry a wide selection of excavator attachments including ditching buckets, thumbs, hydraulic breakers, and compactors for rent.  Make short work of your next large excavator project with an excavator from Titan Rentals.  From ditching to basement excavation to demolition and loading trucks, we have the right excavator for your next heavy construction project.

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