Excavators and mini-excavators are rented for a wide variety of digging and excavating applications.  Mini-excavators are generally sized from 5,000-12,000lbs and are equipped with rubber tracks.  Maximum digging depths are from 7’-12’.  Minis are popular for smaller projects that do not involve moving a lot of material or digging deeper than about 10’.  Applications include electrical lines and hook-ups, lawn irrigation, residential plumbing, and smaller projects such as stump removal or window-well work are all suited well for mini excavators.  The compact size and rubber tracks make it easy for customers to transport using a skid-steer trailer.  Some are equipped with hydraulic thumbs for picking up rocks, trees or light demolition work. 

Larger excavation projects require the digging power and productivity of full-sized excavators.  Excavators are typically rated by their operating weight which range from 19,000lbs-105,000lbs.  The most popular models, CX130s, CX160s, CX210s and CX250s, are in the 28,000lb-63,000lb range.  Excavators are easy to use and can be equipped with a wide variety of buckets and thumbs.  Common applications include digging out foundations and footings for buildings, basement excavation, loading trucks, demolition, digging in water lines, ditching and much more.

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