If you have a large space that needs heating, Titan Rentals has a large inventory of portable hi-output flameless air heaters.  These heaters use diesel engines to efficiently heat air and then blow it into the space you need heated.  No exposed flame and engines that automatically shut-down in the case of low oil pressure ensure safe operation in a wide variety of applications including new building construction, temporary shelters, oil rigs, etc. 

For thawing the ground for excavation and/or concrete work, Titan Rentals carries a line of diesel-powered ground thawing units.

Make Model Fuel Type Thermal Rating Monthly Price Weekly Price Daily Price Specifications
Tundra HK350 Diesel 350,000 BTU $3,934 $1,298 $437 Tech Spec
MAC 800G Diesel 800K $4,597 $1,517 $511 Tech Spec
MAC 1.2G Diesel 1,200,000 BTU $5,257 $1,735 $584 Tech Spec
MAC 750F Diesel 750,000 BTU $6,234 $2,057 $693 Tech Spec
Tundra 1.4K Diesel 1,400,000 BTU $6,956 $2,295 $773 Tech Spec
Wacker E2200 Diesel N/A $7,083 $2,337 $787 Tech Spec
Wacker E3000 Diesel N/A $7,739 $2,554 $860 Tech Spec
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