Used in a wide variety of jobsite and around-the-home applications, telehandlers are a very popular rental item.  Equipped with a power-shift transmission, four wheel drive, and joystick controls, telehandlers are easy to operate and make short-work of difficult tasks such as setting trusses, placing roofing materials on the roof, setting walls and windows, moving pallets of lumber and materials around the jobsite and many other applications.  Depending upon the model, telehandlers can reach up to 42’ high (55’ on larger models) and have a max load capacity of 6,600lbs (12,000lbs on larger models).  Options include enclosed cabs, auxiliary hydraulics and couplers.
Make Model HP Max Lift Capacity Max Lift Height Operating Weight Monthly Price Weekly Price Daily Price Specifications
JLG G5-18A 74 5,500 lbs 18' 11,000 lbs $2,187 $722 $243 Tech Spec
JLG G6-42A 100 6,600 lbs 42' 20,890 lbs $2,226 $735 $247 Tech Spec
SKY 8042 90 8,000 lbs 42' 21,500 lbs $2,571 $848 $286 Tech Spec
JLG G9-43A 100 9,000 lbs 43' 26,780 lbs $2,690 $888 $299 Tech Spec
JLG G10-43A 100 10,000 lbs 43' 27,380 lbs $3,325 $1,097 $369 Tech Spec
JLG G10-55A 130 10,000 lbs 55' 34,850 lbs $3,414 $1,127 $379 Tech Spec
JLG G12-55A 130 12,000 lbs 55' 35,860 lbs $4,171 $1,376 $463 Tech Spec

See also telehandler attachments.

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