Case 921 wheel loader used to move dirt

Wheel Loaders

Whether it is sand, gravel, dirt, snow or grain, when contractors need to stockpile or load large quantities of material, they turn to wheel loaders.  Loaders are normally grouped by bucket capacity, and range from 1 cubic yard capacity up to 7 yds.  Smaller loaders are nimble, and used for a wide variety of jobs where material has to be moved or loaded.  Larger loaders require more space to operate in and are generally found where large, heavy loads are the norm.  The larger machines are typically found in sand/gravel operations, or in quarries.  Loaders of all sizes may be equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler that allows operators to switch between a bucket and pallet fork attachments, adding to the versatility of the machine.  Due to the stability of wheel loaders and the heavy lifting capacity and great visibility from the cab, they make excellent fork lifts when equipped with a pallet fork attachment.

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