YieldtracTM Planters – IT'S ALL ABOUT THE YIELD!

Better Floatation, Less Compaction, Pinched Rows Eliminated!

Research shows compaction caused by wheel tracks robs yield. Yieldtrac planter owners have been recovering that yield loss 24 rows at a time since 2012. We've just expanded those same bin-busting benefits into our brand new 36R-22 Yieldtrac planter. With over 1,500 square inches of footprint, Yieldtrac has less than 14 pounds per square inch on the main-frame tracks – a big advantage compared to conventional planters with 60, 70, 80 or more compaction-causing pounds per square inch. 24-row Yieldtrac planters have half the number of planter "wheel" tracks compared to conventional planters, and Yieldtracs never causes "pinched" rows - NEVER! Most other planters cost you money by pinching at least 4 rows every round. For more information and to purchase a Yieldtrac planter, Find a Dealership.


Yieldtrac™ in a Brand New Configuration

Producers who have wanted the advantages of the Early Riser® system in a 48-row 15" spacing planter, your wait is over! The newest addition to the Yieldtrac line up features 24" tracks and tandem walking-beam wing wheels to reduce yield-robbing compaction and give you the floatation you need to get through those tough spots in your fields. It will plant twenty-four 30" rows or forty-eight 15" rows and can be equipped with an on-board 750 gallon liquid fertilizer tank. The field proven Case IH 120 Bushel bulk fill system is standard equipment.


New Yieldtrac™ Model Is Turning Heads

For nearly 40 years, Frans Rosenquist has been a leader in trying new machinery for his Atwater, MN farm, and 2015 is no different. Rosenquist is one of the first farmers in the country to plant with the brand new 36-row, 22-inch Yieldtrac planter. Rosenquist has been lifetime-loyal to International Harvester and now Case IH. He’s a proud proponent of Case IH quality, especially with their planters, so when he heard the front-folding Yieldtrac bar could make the Early Riser® row unit even better, he had to get one.  They raise corn, soybeans, sweet corn, and peas, and their new Yieldtrac is making quick work out of planting all 6,000 acres on Rosenquist Farms this year.

-Rosenquist Farms
Yieldtrac 36R-22 Planter Owner
Atwater, MN

Less is More with Yieldtrac™

It seems like fuzzy math, but Leiser Farms near Fertile, MN is upgrading by downsizing their planting operation. After years of running two 24-row planters, they switched to one 36R-22 Yieldtrac planter for 2015. One planter means only one tractor, and the time wasted waiting for seed and fertilizer fills in the past can now be spent putting seed in the ground– 36 rows at a time.

-Leiser Farms
Yieldtrac and Farm Owner
Fertile, MN

Maximize Yield and Productivity with Yieldtrac™

Can the Yieldtrac planter increase yields on your farm? Yieldtrac owner, Bryan Hest discusses his results after planting with Yieldtrac.

"Right out of the box it was dropping seeds exactly the way it should have. Spacing and depth control have been very good. We've been very impressed."

-Bryan Hest
Yieldtrac and Farm Owner
Perley, MN

Ballard Farms and Yieldtrac™

Yieldtrac owner, Gary Ballard shares his results after using his Yieldtrac planter to plant his corn on his farm in Marshalltown, IA.

"We planted our crop in record time this year. We spent less time planting our crop this year than we've ever done before. I couldn't be happier."

-Gary Ballard
Owner, Ballard Farms
Marshalltown, IA

Yieldtrac™ vs. Conventional Planter

Compaction from conventional planters could be costing you yield in your fields! The Yieldtrac planter creates less down pressure, minimizing the losses due to compaction.


Stop your current planter from robbing your field of yield and costing you money. It’s time to invest in a Yieldtrac planter. Our experts are ready to discuss your unique needs and financing options. Give us a call.

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