Uptime Maintenance - Agriculture Machinery

Visit your local Titan Machinery AG Dealership to schedule your Uptime Maintenance Service. FIND YOUR DEALERSHIP.

 Here are 5 UPtime Service Facts...

  1. Knowledgeable service. Our technicians are factory-trained and experienced. They utilize comprehensive inspection checklists and years of experience to identify potential problems that might be missed if an uncertified mechanic does the inspection.

  2. Increased productivity. Well-maintained machines are more efficient - resulting in more years of service life for their equipment fleet.

  3. Problem Prevention. Detecting a problem during the off-season can prevent larger and more expensive repairs when you need your equipment most.

  4. Opportunity for upgrades. The UPtime Maintenance Program is a good time to install software and other upgrades. 

  5. Precision. Proper adjustments on an annual basis will keep your GPS and precision equipment accurate in the field.


Pricing for Your Uptime Maintenance Service:

4WD Tractors   Quadtracs  
100 Point Inspection $449 100 Point Inspection $699

2WD Tractors
Compact Tractors
85 Point Inspection $399 101 Point Inspection $299

SPX Sprayers
29 Point Inspection $199 57 Point Inspection $29/row
150 Point Inspection $449 Precision Planters Call for Options

140 Point Inspection $499 25 Point Inspection $29/row

29 Point Inspection $249 29 Point Inspection $249

Mower Conditioners
140 Point Inspection $349 65 Point Inspection $259

Skid Steers / Compact Track Loaders
29 Point Inspection (Round) $249 44 Point Inspection $349
74 Point Inspection (Square) $399    

Wheel Loaders
Power Units
88 Point Inspection $599 Inspection
*Mileage charges apply to Power Unit Inspections

We service all brands and types of agricultural equipment, so stop by your nearest Titan AG Dealership for additional Uptime Service specials.