UPtime service for construction equipment

Uptime Maintenance - Construction Machinery

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 Here are 5 UPtime Service Facts...

  1. Knowledgeable Service. Our technicians are factory-trained and experienced. They utilize comprehensive inspection checklists and years of experience to identify potential problems that might be missed if an uncertified mechanic does the inspection.
  2. Increased Productivity. Well-maintained machines are more efficient - resulting in more years of service life for their equipment fleet.

  3. Problem Prevention. Detecting a problem during the off-season can prevent larger and more expensive repairs when you need your equipment most.

  4. Minimize Downtime. In-season break-downs can shut down a jobsite. Off-season inspections help prevent costly equipment downtime during the season.

  5. Peace of Mind. Don’t go into the spring worried that your equipment might fail at the worst possible time. An UPtime inspection will give you confidence that your fleet is ready for work and allow you to focus on getting the job done.

Pricing for Your Uptime Maintenance Service:

Wheel Loaders   Loader Backhoes  
88 Point Inspection $599 88 Point Inspection $499

Skid Steers/Compact Track Loaders
44 Point Inspection $349 80 Point Inspection $599

80 Point Inspection $499 82 Point Inspection $499

Crawlers / Graders
Telescopic Handlers
88 Point Inspection $599 86 Point Inspection $499

Boom Lifts
88 Point Inspection $499  Inspection  $300 

Scissor Lifts
DOT Inspections
Electric $199 W/Engine $75
Electric (Fleet) $175  W/O Engine (Trailer) $60 
RT Scissor $199    
*Uptime prices cover inspections only. Additional parts and labor are extra.

We service all brands and types of construction equipment, so stop by your nearest Titan CE Location for additional Uptime Service specials.