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Ashland has a long history of manufacturing hard-working farm and construction pull-type scrapers. With sizes ranging from 9 yards to 20 yards and more, Ashland has a scraper that fits almost any tractor and operation.

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Ashland 175XL2 Scraper

Dolly Wheel Ejector Scrapers

Dolly wheel ejector scrapers allow farmers to use lower-horsepower tractors already in the operation to move large volumes of dirt and material. Ashland dolly wheel scrapers range in size from 9.5 yards to 17.5 yards in capacity and are suited for tractors as low as 140hp (depending upon the model of scraper). The dolly wheel design means the weight of the scraper and the payload is carried by the dolly wheels and not the drawbar of the tractor.

Ashland 140TS2 Direct Mount Ejector Scraper

Direct Mount Ejector Scrapers

For high-efficiency earth-moving capacity, nothing beats a direct mount ejector scraper. Ashland offers 10 models from 14 yards to 34 yards in capacity for tractors ranging in horsepower from 200hp to 600+hp. Hardened steel, long-life bearings, and heavy-duty construction are key characteristics of the Ashland direct mount ejector scraper line-up.

Ashland Direct Mount Pivot Dump Scraper 50S

Direct Mount Pivot Dump Scrapers

Pivot dump scrapers are a simple, cost-effective way to move materials where ground conditions allow for easy unloading of soil and aggregate material without the need for an ejections system. Ashland has 3 models of direct mount pivot dump scrapers to choose from, including a 5 yard model perfect for smaller farm tractors.

K-Tec 1233 scraper with Case IH Scraper

K-Tec HD Construction Scrapers

Titan Machinery also stocks and carries a full-line of K-Tec direct mount ejector scrapers and Case IH scraper tractors for high-volume construction work. Click for more information on this product line.

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