Ditch Assist


Experience the power of precision drainage at the lowest cost in the industry. Ditch Assist is your all-in-one drainage and landforming system designed to deliver functional and adaptable solutions. It replaces complex and restrictive systems by allowing users to easily install it on any tractor or water management implement, including scrapers, ditchers, tile plows, and blades. With Ditch Assist X, users can expand their capabilities even further for advanced excavator and backhoe guidance. Ditch Assist is also compatible with virtually any RTK GPS brand. >Ditch Assist also runs on a Wi-Fi connection to an Android tablet—not included in the base price. You can purchase a dedicated tablet or install the app on one you already own. 

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Product Features

Ditch Assist users also have access to:

Ideal Drainage Mapping™ 

Take the guesswork out of navigating surface drainage routes! Ditch Assist owners get FREE access to data that's been collected over millions of acres across the U.S. and Canada. With all the information you need at your fingertips, plan and execute your drainage projects faster and smoother than ever.


FREE Image Georeferencer

Do you already have a drainage map, drone image, or hand-drawn drainage plan? Ditch Assist has you covered! You can upload your existing map or image quickly and easily via screenshots into the app, allowing you to import any image as a map layer. No other system provides this type of feature. 

Interactive App Simulation

Want to learn more before you buy? We get it. Now, you can experience the power of Ditch Assist's precision drainage firsthand through a free interactive app simulation. It provides detailed feature explanations so you can feel confident with your purchase and ready to hit the field.


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