Leica Machine Control Systems

Precision Accuracy That is Easy to Install, Easy to Operate, and Easy to Upgrade

It’s no secret that finding enough skilled and well-trained heavy equipment operators to get the job done continues to be difficult in today’s current market. Yet with the help of machine control systems, new operators still gaining experience can become just as productive as anyone else on the jobsite. Leica machine control systems aren’t just for the new though; contractors continue to witness an increase in productivity for even the savviest, most experienced operators while reducing or eliminating the need for grade sticks and other survey-related manpower requirements.

As a global leader with over 200 years of commitment to revolutionizing the world of measurement and survey, Leica Geosystems provides solutions to professionals worldwide in a variety of industries. Known for their premium products and innovative solution development, Leica’s move into the world of construction equipment development was only natural. Today, Leica machine control systems can be found globally in a vast array of construction applications and on every major brand and type of equipment. 

Case 836C Grader with Leica Machine Control

Easy to Install on All Major Equipment Brands

Leica utilizes open architecture software and is designed to plug into and work with a variety of manufacturer’s Controller Area Network systems. With many construction equipment manufacterers equippping their product lines with the ports and control valves necessary to for machine control installation, Leica's Machine Control System can be installed and operated without any additional wiring or valve installation. As simple as clamping the components (the position sensors/mast(s), control panel in the cab, and GPS globe – if needed) into place and then plugging them in, your system will be ready to operate smoother and smarter - sooner.

Older equipment without a Controller Area Network? No problem. Leica Cachine Control systems can be fitted to these pieces with additional wiring. Thankfully, our machine control experts have years of experience installing Leica systems on a wide variety of equipment and can provide you an accurate estimate on installing the systems you need. Follow the link above to have one of our machine control experts contact with more information for your make/model.

Case 850M Dozer with Leica Machine Control Technology

Easy to Operate

Leica Machine Control systems are designed for accuracy, ease of operation, and reduced operator training performance windows. While it may typically take months, if not years, to become truly skilled at operating a dozer, grader, or other earth-moving equipment - even a relatively unskilled operator can be capable of producing sub-inch grade accuracy and high productivity when provided with equipment equipped with Leica Machine Control. 

Features contributing to this ease of operation include: screens and controls intuitive for operators to learn and operate, an entry level guidance system utilizing simple audio/visual cues for the operator to adjust the machine to the desired grade, and in more advanced 2D and 3D systems - complete blade control on dozers, graders, and scrapers - allowing the operator to concentrate on driving the machine while the Leica machine control system achieves the desired grade.
Case CX245DSR with Leica Machine Control Technology

Easy to Upgrade

Leica designed their machine control systems to allow contractors to start at the level of control and automation that best fits their budget and needs. Entry level systems utilize a laser base station and a sensor/mast, as well as a control panel in the cab to provide audio/visual cues to the operator to produce the desired grade or depth. From there, components can be added to the existing system allowing for complete automated grade control based on a predetermined site map loaded into the control panel.

As the system is upgraded, the original investment in hardware and components never goes to waste.


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