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Precision Accuracy That is Easy to Install, Easy to Operate, and Easy to Upgrade

Finding enough skilled, trained heavy equipment operators is becoming harder in today’s job market. Case 836C Grader with Leica Machine ControlMany contractors are turning to machine control systems to help inexperienced operators to rapidly become productive equipment operators. In addition, contractors have found that machine control systems can significantly increase the productivity of savvy, experienced operators while reducing or eliminating the need for grade sticks and other survey-related manpower requirements. Leica Geosystems is a global leader in producing precision measuring solutions for a variety of industries and applications. As a major player in the surveying field, designing easy-to-use construction equipment machine control systems was a natural progression for the company. Today, Leica machine control systems can be found globally in a wide variety of construction applications increasing the productivity of operators running every major brand and type of construction equipment. Unmatched accuracy and ease-of-use are just two of the many reasons customers are choosing to install Leica machine control systems on their equipment.

Easy to Install on All Major Equipment Brands

Leica utilizes open architecture software and is designed to plug into and work with a variety of manufacturer’s Can-Bus systems. Most construction equipment manufacturers have been building much of their product line equipped from the Factory for plug-and-play machine control instillation including the ports and control valves necessary to install and operate Leica machine control without any additional wiring or valve instillation. For these products, adding Leica machine control involves little more than clamping the components (the position sensors/mast(s), control panel in the cab, and GPS globe – if needed) into place and then plugging them into the Can-Bus. Older products that are still running Can-Bus systems require a little extra work installing valves/controls to allow the system to operate machine functions but instillation by a trained technician still takes less than a day. Older equipment without Can-Bus can be also be fitted with Leica machine control but requires additional wiring. Our machine control experts have years of experience installing Leica systems on a wide variety of equipment and can provide you an accurate estimate on installing a system on the equipment in your fleet. Just click the link below to have one of our machine control experts contact with more information for your make/model.

Easy to Operate

Leica machine control systems are designed for accuracy and ease of operation. Screens and controls are designed to be intuitive for operators to learn and operate.  Case CX245DSR with Leica Machine Control TechnologyEntry level guidance system use simple audio/visual cues for the operator to adjust the machine to the desired grade. More advanced 2D and 3D systems provide complete blade control on dozers, graders, box blades/scrapers, etc. allowing the operator to concentrate on driving the machine while the Leica machine control system achieves the desired grade. The technology is easy to learn and easy to use. Once an operator is trained, operating a machine equipped with Leica machine control is far less fatiguing than operating similar equipment without guidance. Additionally, while it may take operators months if not years to become truly skilled at operating a dozer, grader or other earth-moving equipment, even a relatively unskilled operator is capable of producing sub-inch grade accuracy and high productivity when provided with equipment that is equipped with Leica machine control.

Easy to Upgrade

Leica designed their machine control systems to allow contractors to start out at the level of control and automation that fits their budget and needs. Entry level systems utilize a laser base station and a sensor/mast in addition to a control panel in the cab to provide audio/visual cues to the operator to control the machine to the desired grade or depth. From there, components can be added to the existing system to allow for complete automated grade control based on a predetermined site map that’s loaded into the control panel. The original investment in hardware and components is still used as the system is upgraded.

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