Dry Application Systems

High-efficiency performance that delivers measurable results. 

Our complete lineup of dry application systems delivers precise nutrient application for those looking for maximum throughput. When you need reliable and durable equipment solutions that can keep up with your pace, consider the leading brands in dry nutrient application.

Air Boom Applicator

FA 1030 Air Boom Applicator

Available for the Titan™ 4540 & 3540 floater, this rugged applicator is built to carry more product, enhance productivity, and deliver accurate application across changing terrain. Plus, a range of available configurations optimize coverage and help match your needs.

810 Flex Applicator

810 Flex-Air Applicator

With the greater flexibility of an FLX810 Flex-Air applicator, you can cover more fields from one floater while accurately applying dry fertilizer and granular herbicides. Its large 287 cubic-foot capacity bin is versatile enough to carry a hefty load of one or two products to address a variety of field needs.

Salford Chassis Mounted Air Boom

Salford Chassis Mounted Air Boom

The Salford 6700 for Case IH® chassis mounted air boom applicator is engineered for select Case IH® floater chassis. With a 70 ft application width and the versatile new hopper, you can accurately meter one, two, or three products at once, allowing you to apply granular fertilizer, granular herbicide, or combinations of products in one pass.