Preferred Lease - Construction Equipment


Titan Machinery offers low lease payment options on virtually all our new Case equipment, and most of our trades as well. Below we list a small sample of what’s currently available. If you don’t see what you are looking for, use the link at the bottom of this page to view our complete construction equipment inventory, click the “Contact Me” button at the bottom of the page to leave a message to have one our sales professionals follow-up, or call your local Titan Machinery location for more options.

Construction equipment categories that we offer low-cost Preferred Lease options for include:


2023 CASE 721G Wheel Loader E00225363

2023 Case 721G


2023 Case 721G, 190 Hrs, Cplr w/3.5yd Bucket, Cab/Air, 20.5x25 Tires (95%), RC, Cold Weather Package

$3,080/Month | 5-Year/800-Hrs/Year

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2023 Case 621G Wheel Loader 3280018

2023 Case 621G


2023 Case 621G, 115 Hrs, JRB Coupler w/ 3yd Bucket, 20.5x25 Tires (90%), RC

$2,785/Month | 5-Year/800-Hrs/Year

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2021 CASE 221F Wheel Loader 3244700

2021 CASE 221F


2021 Case 221F, 300 Hrs, Cab/Air, Coupler w/1.3yd Bucket, 3rd Spool, RC, Extended Warranty

$1,430/month lease | 5yr - 1,000hrs/yearr

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2022 CASE 580SN


2022 Case 580SN, 350 Hrs, 4x4, E-Hoe, Pilots, Cab/Air, Front/Rear Aux, Rear Coupler, RC

$1,750/Month | 5-Year/1,000-Hrs/Year

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2022 CASE 580SN Backhoe 3360310-1
2021 Case 580SNWT Backhoe 3363368

2021 Case 580SNWT


2021 Case 580SNWT, 3005 Hrs, 4x4, E-Hoe, Cab/Air, Pilot Controls, Rear Aux Hydraulics, Rear Coupler, RC

$1,575/Month | 5-Year/1,000-Hrs/Year

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2022 CASE CX350D Excavator E00325643

2022 Case CX350D


2022 Case CX350D, 1515 Hrs, Cab/Air, 83,000lb Operating Weight, Aux Hydraulics, 31.5" Tracks, LED Lights

$4,470/month lease | 5yr - 1000hrs/year

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2023 Case CX220E Excavator 3207601

2023 CASE CX220E


2023 Case CX220E, 1280 Hrs, 52,700lb Operating Weight, Aux Hydraulics, Hydraulic Coupler, Hydraulic Thumb

$2,340/month lease | 5yr - 1000hrs/year

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2022 Case CX80C Excavator 3252214

2022 Case CX80C


2022 Case CX80C, 325 Hrs, 18,800lb Op Weight, Cab/Air, Aux Hyd, Hyd Coupler, Hyd Thumb

$1,740/Month | 5-Year/800-Hrs/Year

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2022 CASE 1150M PAT WT LGP Dozer Crawler E00325651

2022 Case 1150M


2022 Case 1150M, 1450 Hrs, 33,000lb Operating Weight, 132" 6-Way Blade, 26" LGP Track, 100% U/C

$2,695/month lease | 5yr - 1000hrs/year

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2022 CASE 1150M PAT WT LGP Dozer Crawler E00325651

We have hundreds of new and used machines in inventory, and most of those are available to lease. From dozers and wheel loaders, to backhoes and excavators, we can provide you a quote on a low-cost lease option for almost all new and late-model used. Click below to view our complete construction equipment inventory, view farm equipment lease options, or to have a Titan Machinery sales professional contact you.

*Preferred Lease program available to customers that qualify for leases through CNHi Capital. Not all customers will qualify. Listed lease payments are subject to change without prior notice. See your local Titan Machinery dealership for complete information.