Augmenta Partnership Highlights New Precision Technology

Augmenta Spraying

Titan Machinery has recently entered into an agreement to partner with Augmenta – a company that has pioneered Variable Rate Application (VRA) technology for use in sprayer-applied fertilizer, plant growth hormones, and burn-down applications. “We are always looking to add to our lineup of precision technology and applications,” said Sam Christianson, Director of Precision Technologies. “By adding Augmenta’s proven VRA application to our ever-growing list of precision partnerships, we are able to provide our customers with a high ROI precision tool that can help optimize costly chemical applications without requiring expensive equipment upgrades.” 


Augmenta’s VRA system can be installed on both current and older models of sprayers, including self-propelled and pull-type configurations. It works by analyzing in real-time the health and vitality of the crop stand, allowing the system to raise or lower the application rate from the baseline while operating at field-speeds. The powerful 4k resolution camera provides instant feedback on the health and condition of the crop across the entire sprayer’s width. The controller then varies the rate up or down based on the type of crop and the health/condition of the stand. No prescription maps or samples are needed. Augmenta is simple to use and simple to operate.  


Since the system works to reduce application rates where the crop is thinner while also increasing rates where the stand is thick, studies have shown that Augmenta VRA can lower input costs by up to 10% while raising yields by 10% or more. Actual results will vary based on a variety of factors. The system offers excellent data connectivity, with both a mobile application and a web portal option that allows you to capture and analyze your data from anywhere. 


Titan Machinery is proud to partner with Augmenta to provide farmers with the tools and applications they need to reduce input costs while increasing yields and bottom-line profitability. Ask your local Titan Machinery Precision Farming Specialist for more information on how Augmenta VRA can help your farm produce more with less.  

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