Our Programs: NEW Titan Diesel Camps Aim to Tackle the Skilled Trades Shortage


How many of us have ever encountered a new youth program in the area or started a new hobby later in our adult lives and thought to ourselves, "I wish I'd had that opportunity as a kid," or "I wish I'd started this sooner?" 

As these learning opportunities continue to expand and grow for young people in our society, these thoughts have understandably become more common among us adults. While it may feel as though it is too late to benefit from these personally, the importance of spotlighting and celebrating them and the kids within remains vital to each of their continuing successes.

In our last series of blog articles, we introduced our two incredible Titan Machinery Internship Programs. Today, we are sharing with you an exciting NEW program, our first-ever Titan Diesel Camps. This new program aims to not only provide young students with an opportunity to explore a career in diesel mechanics but will also work to rewrite the narrative and break the barriers around fields in trade.

The Mission of Titan Diesel Camps 

In April of 2022, Stanley Black & Decker performed a study to "drill" into the continued shortage of skilled trades. For their study, Stanley Black & Decker surveyed three primary audiences for data - high school students aged 14-19, the parents of those high schoolers, and the skilled trade workers themselves. Their results shined a light on an oddity we want to address. We've learned that while a large majority of both the students and their parents viewed skilled trade work as a quality career path, upwards of 85% and 94%, respectively, less than half of those students had ever actually considered skilled trade work for themselves. Even fewer, just 16%, were serious about considering it (Stanley Black & Decker).

Understanding why this paradox exists brings us to the heart and mission of our 2023 Titan Diesel Camps – to address and help change the misconceptions around diesel mechanics and the skilled trade field in general. According to the data gathered, there are four main barriers creating the skilled trades gap that Titan Machinery is working to end at these camps and onward:

  1. An underestimation of the long-term financial security in skilled trade work, as well as inaccurate information on starting pay and potential earnings.
  2. Outdated perceptions around the required skills to work in trade and the ongoing advancement of those skills.
  3. Lack of exposure to people they personally know working within the trade profession, and thus lack of conversations around it.
  4. The thoughts held by both parents and students that the industry is more appealing and a better option for males over females.

(Stanley Black & Decker)

By providing 9th and 10th-grade students of all backgrounds, genders, and socioeconomic statuses with hands-on experience in a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment alongside these professionals – Titan Machinery is on the long-term path to solving this skilled talent shortage.

Coming Together to Build

A mission like this cannot be done alone. Titan Machinery is partnering with four key Diesel Technology educational partners, located near our Titan Dealerships to host nearly 150 students, with two of the four camp locations selling out in just two weeks of registration opening. Our growing waitlists of each make plans for expansion a guarantee.

Students will be split between Lake Area Technical College, Central Community College, Kirkwood Community College, and North Dakota State College of Science. Within each of these colleges, invested individuals from numerous departments have come together with a number of teams here at Titan Machinery and in our stores to make this program’s mission a reality.

The Camp Experience

Camper's experiences will consist of a multitude of interactive learning and relevant hands-on activities led by camp counselors and field professionals both on-campus and in our Titan stores. Remember those last day of school field days we loved so much as kids? Think about this but on a grander and more intentional scale. These activities have been carefully designed and built by key individuals within our Operations, Talent Acquisition, and Marketing Teams to provide students with a variety of concepts to explore. Students at these camps can look forward to learning about and working with everything from hydraulics, electrical circuits, hardware types, combine mechanics, and even Real-Time Kinematic positioning. As they do so, the mission to help these students network with individuals in the skilled trade and clear up the common misconceptions about a career in it remains at the forefront.

Plans for Expansion 

With growing waitlists at all locations and more schools interested in being a part of future camp experiences, Titan Diesel Camps will continue and expand in 2024. Committed to growing and improving this program, our team looks forward to welcoming new students, families, and partners each year.


" Drilling into the Skilled Trades Shortage: Stanley Black & Decker's Inaugural Makers Index Reveals Few Students Likely to Consider a Career in the Trades; Outdated Perceptions Key Drivers." Stanley Black & Decker - Drilling into the Skilled Trades Shortage: Stanley Black & Decker's Inaugural Makers Index Reveals Few Students Likely to Consider a Career in the Trades; Outdated Perceptions Key Drivers, Stanley Black & Decker, 5 Apr. 2022, https://ir.stanleyblackanddecker.com/news-events/press-releases/news-details/2022/Drilling-into-the-Skilled-Trades-Shortage-Stanley-Black--Deckers-Inaugural-Makers-Index-Reveals-Few-Students-Likely-to-Consider-a-Career-in-the-Trades-Outdated-Perceptions-Key-Drivers/default.aspx


For more information on Titan Diesel Camps, visit https://www.titanmachinery.com/dieselcamp/ and click to follow our Social Media Channels below!


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