WCCO Belting

WCCO Replacement Belting from Titan Machinery

WCCO Belting provides a variety of replacement belting options at an affordable price. Whether you need replacement baler belts, draper belts, feeder belts, or combine pickup belts, WCCO Belting has options for you. The different texture and pattern offerings are great for many different applications. The featured RAPTOR® draper belt can help you reduce your cost of ownership, improve productivity, and increase your bottom line.

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The Brand

As an authorized distributor of WCCO Belting, we offer Baler Belts, Combine Pick Up Belts, Draper Belts, and Feeder Belts that are compatible with many machinery brands such as Case IH, John Deere, Ford, New Holland, MacDon, and more. Each belt is made from fabric materials that are sourced from global industry leaders in textile manufacturing and created with specific textures and patterns to ensure quality and top performance.


Baler Belts

For your baler equipment to run effectively, all belts need to be the same construction and length for proper tension and level loading. Manufacturing controls are put in place to produce consistent, uniform baler belts for making quality bales.


Combine Pickup Belts

Pickup belts are made with double-prong teeth to aid equipment in gently lifting swaths of wheat, barley, grass seed, and more for the efficient transfer of crop.


Draper Belts

RAPTOR draper belting provides the highest performance properties in the draper header, swather, merger, and windrower market and is the gold standard for equipment manufacturers, distributors, and farmers worldwide. The belt construction and its fabric type both directly impact the draper’s ability to tension properly. RAPTOR eliminates downtime caused by retentioning because of a high strength fabric and a self-adjusting patented weave. 


Feeder Belts

Smooth, texture, pattern, or cleated, our constructions are specially designed according to the technical requirements of your application. 

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