Pre-Plant & Post Emergence Applicators


As one of the largest application equipment distributors in North America, we bring you the solutions you need to maximize productivity when and where it matters most. We elevate application to a new level with preplant and postemergence applicators that deliver the best in efficiency, accuracy, and return on investment. 

Patriot 3250

Patriot 50 Series Sprayers

Patriot® Series sprayers provide consistent, accurate application across every piece of ground, all season, every season. The cab-forward, rear-engine configuration gives Case IH Patriot sprayers their distinctive look and their performance edge. This design puts the static weight of the cab and engine over the front and rear axles.

Trident Combination Applicator

Trident Combination Applicator

The Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator is the industry's fastest converting combination applicator on a row-crop chassis. It's engineered from the ground up to be changed from liquid to dry and back again throughout three seasons of use. Quick changeover times, automatic and in-cab adjustments and precise application technology give you a flexible new equipment solution to protect and feed your customers' - or your own - crops at the optimal time.

Nitro 7000 Series

Nitro 7000 Series

When it's high productivity you're after, look no further than the Miller Nitro. With a wide range of models, horsepower options, tank sizes, boom widths, four-wheel steering option, and precision technology available, there is sure to be an ideal Nitro for your demanding operation.


Vector Applicator

Vector Self-Propelled Applicator

The RBR Vector models are the most productive fertilizer applicator available. The resilient design focuses on what matters most- the highest-grade components for top-tier performance you can count on. The high efficiency Vector design is created for use during pre-plant and post-plant season so you can maximize productivity and your investment.

Venturi 430 Applicator

Venturi 430 Air Spreader

The Venturi 430 delivers with high-output pneumatic systems, for precision application, even in the most unfavorable conditions. Product is accurately placed directly on the ground through individual boom outlets, unaffected by uneven ground or windy conditions. With the largest capacity pneumatic systems available on a row-crop applicator, and capable of 1,200 pounds per acre at 12 MPH, the Venturi offers efficient precision application year-round.

Vector Applicator

Vortex 390 Liquid Sprayer

The Vortex covers more acres in a day to maximize your return on investment. With a large 1,600GAL or 2,000GAL tank, boom options ranging from 90FT to 132FT, and one of the lightest footprints in the market, the Vortex is designed for unmatched efficiency.