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A good fall harvest begins with an exceptional planting season. As the winter season is upon us and harvest is done, we are getting our minds and operations prepared to have the most successful planting season possible. Many growers may be wondering how they can improve their efficiency and productivity in 2021, and a new and improved precision planter may be the way! Precision Planting is the new solution to make more efficient use of your time and money. The technology tools can be added to almost every brand of planter, and at each of our Titan Machinery dealerships we have the trained staff and service technicians to help you pick and install the right Precision Planting system components for your planter and operation.  
Precision Planting Row Unit
Did you know that operations using Precision Planting technology are yielding healthier crops, saving valuable time, and most importantly, proving to be more profitable? For those who are unfamiliar with precision farming technology, these tools have made lives easier for farmers in many ways. For instance, installing a yield monitor on a farm implement allows farmers to get an exact number in terms of how many seeds they are planting and how much crop they are collecting during harvest. Before this automation, growers would do the work and just hope there would be good results, but now they are able to see exact data and analyze the results. This type of technology sets your operation up for the highest potential possible by placing each seed in the best position.  

How can Precision Planting help your operation?

How do you know if Precision Planting technology will increase your profitability? Precision Planting products will help you achieve greater accuracy in seed placement, optimum seedbed conditions, and faster planting speeds that result in quick, even emergence. This unmatched automation has several product options that can be added on to every machine in every brand:

Monitoring and Measurement

Monitoring the exact seed input gives you the data to make quick decisions and evaluate your approach for the next pass or even the next season.

20|20 SmartFirmer - FlowSense - YieldSense 

Downforce Control
Ensuring consistent downforce across the planter toolbar within a wide range of field conditions is one of the most basic and crucial components of achieving even emergence.

DeltaForce - SeederForce - AirForce 


Precision Planting offers a number of upgrades that help producers achieve an even, clean seed furrow for their row crops.

Ready Row Unit - FurrowForce - SmartDepth - CleanSweep - Keeton Seed Firmer


Precision Planting offers a variety of planter meter options designed to produce uniform stands on a wide variety of makes/models of planters.

vSet - vDrive - vSelect - mSet - eSet - PrecisionMeter - RowFlow 
Seed Delivery

Better spacing, view, and speed, all with the seed delivery technology that Precision Planting provides. 

Bullseye - SpeedTube - WaveVision

Liquid Control/Delivery

Precision Planting produces specific control systems to make distributing fertilizer during the planting pass clean and efficient. 

Conceal - FurrowJet vApplyHD

To learn how to get any of these applications on to your planter, contact us or visit your local Titan Machinery dealership to learn more!

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The Best Planter for 2021

When it comes to the best row units available in the market today, the Early Riser row unit Case IH 2000 Series and 1200 Series planters offer the best agronomic row unit with key features including offset, durable Earth Metal opening blades and furrow management and 2-stage closing system. Case IH planters can be equipped with Precision Planting systems along with AFS technology, providing a high-tech, easy to operate planting system capable of high speeds seeding while maintaining an optimal, accurate seed environment, precise seed placement, and an even stand. Find out more at your local Titan Machinery dealership.

Click HERE to learn more about the Case IH 2000 Series Early Riser Planter, and find out how it can improve your yield potential is ways you never could imagine. Contact us at Titan Machinery to dig deeper in your search for the perfect planter or Precision Planting system for your operation. 

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