Backhoe Loaders / 590 Super N


Want an 8-ton excavator that can go 25 mph? Try out the Tier 4 Final 590 Super N backhoe loader. The backhoe delivers breakout of nearly 16,000 lb. as well as a digging depth of up to 20 feet and a lifting capacity of more than 4,100 lb. The heavy-duty loader gets it done with breakout forces of nearly 13,700 lb. and with the responsive PowerDrive transmission, you have more speed and performance at your control. The 590SN comes standard with PowerLift, ProControl swing dampening, ECO Mode, SiteWatch™ Telematics and the breakthrough PowerBoost feature to help tear through tough ground.


Purpose-Built Performance 

Our strongest backhoe loader is all about productive power. With the push of a button, PowerBoost gives a temporary surge of hydraulic digging power. The PowerDrive transmission features seamless, automatic drive engagement for greater speed and gradeability under load, and PowerLift provides steady strength when craning. A universal hydraulic quick coupler works with most backhoe attachments and a factory-fit hydraulic thumb is also available for added utility.

For trenching or precision applications, standard ProControl helps stop the arm where you want without excess rebound. With loader work, several options work together to help save time and reduce spillage; Comfort Steer cuts lock-to-lock turns in half, adjustable Auto-Ride Control reduces load shock at speeds you set and our exclusive over-center design helps minimize "porposing" during road travel.

Common-Sense Fuel Efficiency 

Simply put, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) means power. As an after-treatment Tier 4 Final solution, it provides compliance and fuel savings without sacrificing engine performance with no regeneration downtime or extra fuel burn, which is what you want with higher-horsepower backhoes. The 590 Super N also comes standard with fuel-efficient ECO Modes for both loader and backhoe, as well as adjustable engine Auto-Idle and Auto-Off settings.

CASE Comfort & Visibility 

The 590SN offers a premium, multi-colored air-ride seat with lumbar support and heat, as well as a Bluetooth radio with USB to keep operators comfortably productive. Backhoe controls are available as classic foot swing controls, dual-lever mechanical controls or pilot controls, which can be adjusted independent of the wrist rests. Loader controls put important functions at your fingertips like a rocker FNR switch, which lets you shift directions while keeping a hand on the steering wheel. A low-profile hood and floor-to-ceiling glass with opening rear-quarter panels (w/cabs) provide excellent visibility to buckets and around the machine, and optional LED lights provide more illumination with less power drain.

Simple Serviceability 

We've made it easy to keep our most powerful backhoe running at peak performance. You can quickly check or fill engine oil, transmission fluid or coolant, and fill up the fuel and DEF tank, all from the ground. The brakes can be serviced without complete axle disassembly and externally adjustable Extendahoe® wear pads allow you to tighten tolerances on-site with simple tools. Plus, with the SCR solution, there's no particulate filter to maintain or replace. And for added security and convenience, all N Series backhoes come with a battery disconnect switch and jumpstart terminal.


  • Engine Power 110 hp | 82 kW
  • Dig Depth 15 ' 5 " (4.69 m)