Tractor Loaders / 570NEP


The Tier 4 Final CASE 570N EP tractor loader combines unbeatable lifting strength, ground speeds as fast as 24mph and user-friendly features to provide contractors a skip loader that's impressively cost effective, and incredibly easy to own and operate. To meet your versatility needs, it's available with a rear 540-RPM PTO or 3-point hitch, as well as a hydraulic front quick coupler. And like all N Series loaders, SiteWatch™ Telematics comes standard to help you better monitor and manage your machine.


With a full-height lifting capacity of 6,503 lb., you have over three tons of lifting strength to move, load and stock more piles, palettes and material. Loader arms have heavy-duty in-line parallel linkage with a solid thru-pin design, dual bucket cylinders and a standard material retention feature to evenly transfer bucket stress up and through full dump. It all works together to provide faster cycles with less spillage.