Compact Track Loaders / TV370


Fulfilling the ever-popular 74HP class that combines efficient power and performance, the CASE TV370 Compact Track Loader offers a bundle of best-in-class features. But it’s not about being best in class, it’s about being best where it counts: through the lift, at full dump, on the ground and in the cab. That’s why the TV370 compact track loader offers greater strength, higher reach, lower ground pressure and more responsive controls. All powered by a maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions solution.



When it comes to truck loading, inches matter. That’s why this vertical lift workhorse has best-in-class hinge pin height of nearly 11 feet and best-in-class bucket dump angle of 53.5° – nearly 10° more than most of the other guys – so you can get the load over the bed and out of the bucket more effectively. Coupled with best-in-class bucket and loader arm breakout, you’ve got the power you need for digging, prying, and earthmoving, too. And its wide, 17.7" tracks deliver excellent traction along with the lowest ground-pressure in its class of only 4.2 psi, perfect for landscaping and other sensitive environments.

Fuel Efficiency

Tier 4 Final you need. Extra work, you don’t. The TV370 has you covered. The DOC-only (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) after-treatment system on its 74HP 3.4L turbocharged FPT engine offers maintenance-free technology with no regeneration required, no additional filters to replace, and no new fluids to add. Operate without interruption so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Comfort and Visibility 

Compact track loaders often work in close quarters and delicate areas making visibility around the machine crucial. With the industry’s thinnest side screens, low door threshold and large rear window, the TV370 offers superior 360° visibility with great sightlines to the attachment and over the tracks. At nearly three feet wide, the TV370 cab is fully sealed and pressurized to reduce noise and dust — and comes with an optional radio and upgraded climate control system. Our EZ-EH controls let any operator – from amateur to expert – set the “feel” to what they like.


CASE makes maintenance easy. On our compact track loaders, all routine service points are located in one spot so you can quickly access the engine, filters and fill points to properly maintain your machine. The tracks are also designed with lifetime sealed and oil lubricated rollers and idlers. And our easy-tilt cab provides excellent access to the transmission.


  • Operating Weight 9,630 lb | 4370 kg
  • Engine Power 74 hp | 55 kW