Excavators / CX33C


Among the most popular size classes for mini excavators, the CX33C is designed to provide the digging performance and strength of a larger excavator while retaining the distinct advantages of a zero tail swing machine. Greater track shoe width creates higher tractive effort and greater lift capacities – and optional steel tracks allow for even greater bite and performance in rocky/varying terrain. The CX33C also provides exceptional digging depth (9’ 11”) for this size class and is popular in utility and agricultural applications.



The C Series provides more features and functions that drive productivity than any previous CASE mini excavators. All C Series mini excavators come standard with auxiliary hydraulics for easy thumb and attachment set-up – immediately turning the CX33C into a powerful multi-use platform. The standard push blade assists in backfilling and provides added stability in digging applications. The new Auto Shift traveling system automatically downshifts when the load increases to more effectively handle varying ground conditions. An adjustable boom – capable of being offset to the left or right – and zero tail swing allows for digging along buildings and obstacles with ease. The CX33C also provides standard proportional controls and a standard pattern selector that allows the operator to choose the operating pattern they prefer.

An optional long arm with added counterweight further expands the operating reach and performance of the machine. At just 7,110 pounds, the CX33C is also capable of being transported/towed without special licensing or towing equipment (local regulations may apply).

Fuel Efficiency

The CX33C features a fuel-efficient 24.4 horsepower engine, providing excellent power and performance with minimal fuel use. Standard auto-idle functionality also helps keep fuel use down.

Comfort and Visibility

The CX33C provides a spacious, stress-free operator environment and features excellent all-around visibility, ergonomic controls and adjustable seating for improved operator comfort.


Groundline serviceability is at the heart of all CASE C Series mini excavators – all main service items (fills, filters, gauges, grease points, etc.) are accessible from the ground and through easy access points.


  • Operating Weight 7,110 lb | 3 225 kg
  • Engine Power 24.4 hp | 18.2 kW